Terms and Conditions

A1 Airport transfer is set out to provide an immaculate tailored service, keeping in mind to be reasonable and fair to our customers. We accept passengers, luggage and personal items only upon the conditions set out below. No one is allowed to alter these conditions unless it is provided in written by the director or the operator to do it. In any case any of these conditions are incompatible this will result in contract being ridden.


The Carrier, who is the Licensed Operator, shall enter into a contractual obligation as principal with the Customer making the private hire booking to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking and any such contractual obligation is consistent with the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998.


In relation to collection of passengers all bookings are subject to 15 minutes waiting time free of charge. Thereafter the carrier reserves the right to charge the customer for the waiting period which sums to £5 every 15 minutes. We can only advise an approximate travel time and the passenger must leave sufficient time to arrive at all destinations.


A sum of additional charges may apply over the Christmas, boxing day and new year as 50% surcharge. Please check the booking office for more details. Our charges do not vary on time of day and night so remain constant 24 hours a day.


All our vehicles are insured which gives the complete safety to the driver as well as the passengers. In case of any breakdowns during the journey the company will endeavor to arrange an alternative car to complete the journey as soon as possible.


The passenger will be held responsible at all times for the luggage and personal items prior to the commencement of journey for loading at the time of commencement and unloading at the time of completion of the journey. The carrier is not responsible at any time for the personal item or luggage.


The driver is responsible for the safety of its passengers. Any passengers whose behavior seems to be drunken, abusive, threatening or in breach of any regulation will be removed from the vehicle or will not be allowed boarding.


A1 AIRPORT TRANSFERS do not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights or trains or for whatever reason including traffic delays, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or at any unforeseen circumstances.


The Customer and its Passenger(s) shall not require the driver of the Vehicle to break any provisions of the Road Traffic Acts, or the rules contained in the Transport Act 1968, as amended; the AETR Agreement; or the EU Regulations (EC Reg. 561/2006, as amended) relating to driver’s maximum daily hours and rest periods.


The Carrier will not carry any unaccompanied children under 14 years of age.


It is a fee charged by the carrier for the cancellation of the service prior to booked collection time. In context to our legislation the passenger must inform 6 hours prior to the journey otherwise no refund will be offered.


Any amendments in the journey should be made via email or by telephone. Nothing will be entertained if amendments are made to the driver. The party should send the email to the operator and once confirmed the company will send the confirmation of amendments via email.


All the booking should be made via email, website or telephone.


Any complaints regarding service should be raised via email so that we could keep a record of it and work upon it at our best. All the complaints must be submitted within 30 days of the services. Please note that some of the calls must be recorded for quality and training purposes.


All payments are made to the driver after the completion of journey.

“A1 AIRPORT TRANSFERS is a private hire operator licensed by transport for London and accepts its responsibility as operator party to passengers making a private hire booking for journey in accordance with regulation 9(14).Private hire vehicle (London) (Operators license)regulation 2000 as amended.“

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